Words are such strange creatures. So many of them– racing and tumbling around in my head, battling it out for my attention. But when I ask them to commit themselves to paper–or computer keyboard in this case, they scatter; as if being seen by the light of a computer monitor “is just much too much, thank you kindly….no, no, really, we couldn’t possibly. Ta-ta for today!”

In my imagination, these letters have stick legs and are wearing tap shoes, and they vaguely wave goodbye as they make their unhelpful exit, crowding each other out as they hide behind, and peek around, voluminous red theater curtains. Is that weird? My boyfriend would say that’s weird.  But, he’s as odd as I am, so there we are.

Anyhoo, I suppose these words –the ones that didn’t scatter, the ones you’ve just read, and are reading now in this VERY MOMENT!!– will have to do.  And really, they are such nice, accommodating words, so I suppose it’s all right.

Until next time, my friend (perhaps those other words will be more helpful by then…..)



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